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About Jaz

Welcome to a haven of tailor-made cruising with us at Jaz Hotel Group.

Jaz Cruises

Embark on a new adventure and create memorable moments with your loved ones on any luxurious Jaz cruise. Sail along the Nile and witness enthralling sites like Luxor, Aswan, Edfu, Esna and Kom Ombo. 


All these destinations have beautiful historic sites that will add to your holiday experience. Enjoy the facilities on board, and stay in our well appointed luxurious cabins. The view of the Nile is sure to enchant you! 


Come sail with Jaz Cruises and create memories of a lifetime!

Steigenberger Cruises

Welcome to a world of handcrafted luxury with Steigenberger Cruises. 


Sail aboard our luxurious fleet of cruises and enjoy beautiful vistas, historic sites and fantastic facilities and amenities on the ships. Our trained staff is sure to make you feel comfortable and relaxed. Experience delicious food, amenities like massages and spa treatments and a plethora of other on-board and destination experiences.